Chicago-based tenor saxophonist and composer Nate Lepine has been a steady figure of the city's music scene since the early 1990s, and as a frequent performer, is an important contributor to its active jazz community. The two working bands he leads, a trio and a quartet, are the primary vehicles for his compositional output, and in addition, he works as a sideman with the Nick Mazzarella Quintet, the Quin Kirchner Group, and Herculaneum. Lepine has also recorded, performed, and toured with several notable rock acts including Cursive.


"[Lepine has] a brawny yet agile tone, full of soul and grit."

– Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader


"Lepine's Vortices presents an angular density, nervous and dynamic,"

"An ambulatory process acts as the basis for Lepine's untethered blowing,"

- Martin Longley, Downbeat Magazine


"The solos are scorching and the energy never flags; it maintains its breakneck pace with tremendous focus and resolve. Thrilling."

- Robert Rodi, Newcity


"Lepine's tenor solos [...] have a satisfying balance of logic and intensity."

– David Adler, The New York City Jazz Record